Things I Like

We're all guilty of spending a bit too much on Amazon. Here's a list of some things I bought that were actually worth the money. 
1. Milk Frother - Whipped coffee became extremely popular during quarantine, but who has the time to use a hand whisk? I got this milk frother to make lattes and whipped coffee at home, and I do not regret it! 
2. Screen Protector (3 pack) - My screen protector was in serious need of being replaced and I found this great quality multi-pack for $11. 
3. MacBook Case (13") - This is definitely my favourite quarantine purchase! It comes with a hard shell case, keyboard cover, screen protector, dust rag, carrying case and port covers. The quality is amazing and I definitely recommend this to anyone. 

4. Ring Light - The portability of this light is what I really like. It's powdered by USB so I can use it wherever I have my laptop. It comes with a selfie remote that connects via bluetooth with no app needed. It makes taking pictures so easy. 
5. This pot - Just look at it! Do I really need to say why you need it?