About Us

Daelen Fadelle Beauty is one of the passion projects I’ve always wanted to do.  It is beyond a beauty company. 

My uniquely created, luxurious products are hand crafted and whipped from all natural, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced materials. These products will envelop you in softness leaving you with a high-shine finish and the smoothest skin. 

As a makeup artist myself, I have devoted my entire career to empowering people to feel like their best selves. My experience in this industry has afforded me ample understanding that the beauty industry hasn’t always been kind to the way we see ourselves; particularly POCs. At DFB however, we know everyone is beautiful, and I wanted to leave you with products that allow you to enhance, and protect that beauty at all costs. 

 I owe it to the industry not to merely offer products of inclusion, but to make loving yourself the outreach. lt is a new era of makeup and skin care. 

Inspired by my home, Dominica - The Nature Isle of the Caribbean, every product is reminiscent of one of my favourite features of the island. Therefore, I am also dedicated to showcasing other West Indian + black artists through the use of their art.

Every product featured will remind us that we are all naturally beautiful and all people should be celebrated.

Designed by me, for you— whomever you may be.  I present to you, the fruits of a seed that was planted 25+ years ago. Thank you for being patient and supporting this dream. Thank you for joining this amazing journey
—Daelen Fadelle

Creator & Founder of Daelen Fadelle Beauty
                                                                                                                   April 2020