Get summer ready skin with these beauty tips.

The weather has been beautiful lately! The sun is out, and… who else is shopping for bikinis? Summer 2020 was totally over casted by a pandemic, so hopefully this will be the summer to glow out! Let’s talk about a few tips and tricks to make sure we all have a “Hot Girl Summer” with beautiful, glowing skin. These are a few simple steps to add to your routine so that your skin can be smooth, and blemish free all summer long.
Your body naturally gets rid of dead skin every 2 to 4 weeks. When you exfoliate, you speed up the shedding process so that new skin cells can be formed. No matter what your skin type is, new skin cells mean smooth skin! This is why exfoliation is key.
HACK: Use a chemical exfoliant like Retinol mixed with Doux Body Butter at night. Do not use retinol during the day as the sun can be harmful.
This retinol from the Inkey List is a great alternative to pricy retinol creams. Simply cocktail with your fav Doux Body Butter
Most of your skin shedding happens while you sleep. When you exfoliate before bed you are increasing your skin cell turnover which means you wake up with fresh skin. Using chemical exfoliants are gentle but strong enough to get rid of keratosis pilaris (strawberry skin), and dark spots from scars or ingrown hairs. Alternating chemical and physical exfoliation (like a scrub), the skin on your body will begin to appear brighter, even-toned and softer.
 Doux Body Butter comes in four lovely scents, all rich in natural oils and hydrating agents that will nourish your new exfoliated skin once the old cells are gone.
Did you know: Avocado oil is one of the few oils that are more similar to our skin’s natural sebum.
Wait, what?
HACK: Literally taking a dry brush to your skin.
 Dry brushing stimulates your pores and helps in the removal of toxins through sweat. Of course, your hairbrush probably wouldn’t be the best, but I love using Sephora’s Dry Body Brush which has plant-based fibers and can be easily stored.
Keep in mind a dry brush all over your body can leave your body feeling a little heated and raw. It is not recommended to drybrush more than twice a week. However, twice a week is a general standard; go with how your skin feels, and don’t push it. Afterall, I have a few other hacks to share with you to keep your skin Instagram ready.
Ouch! How many of us dread going to our waxing appointments this Spring? Let’s face it, it’s been a long winter and there has been some… growth. Maybe this isn’t the easiest hack because waxing can be slightly painful. We want to just avoid the pain and dig up our razors. I’ll just wax when it’s actually time to wear a bikini… right? Wrong!   
HACK: Wax, don’t shave. Then moisturize with “Hidden” body butter.

It is important to wax as our primary, and if possible, the only method of hair removal because it means less bumps and ingrown hairs, which later means no residual discoloration from the healed bumps and ingrown hairs. The less time your skin spends trying to repair blockages and impurities is the more time it has to spend on being radiant.
TIP: Use Deep Coffee Exfoliating Coffee Scrub between your waxes to help get rid of discolouration and ingrown hairs.
Water doesn’t actually keep your skin hydrated by itself. . In fact, the outer layer of our skin acts as a water-resistant barrier to preserve our natural oils. Hot showers are even worse because they dehydrate the body, so they leave our skin feeling dry and tight.  After our hot showers all winter, we need help to repair our natural skin oils.
HACK: Apply Doux Body Butter and other oils right out of the shower to seal the hydration in.
 I’m not going to tell you which is, in my opinion, the best body butter on the market, but I will say this.
Coconut Beach literally smells like coconuts… and the beach. Not only does it hydrate your skin but leaves it with an amazing shimmer. I don’t know about you, but if I trust anyone to make products that make my skin summer ready, I will trust an island girl who grew up where it’s basically summer all year round.
 Hopefully this summer will be HOT. Weather or skin - BRING THE HEAT. We want to make sure we smell good even after spending the entire day at the beach, pool, or rooftop bar.
HACK: Layer your body butter with your perfume so that your perfume lasts longer.
 Moisturized skin helps fragrances sit in your skin for way longer. Doux Body Butter is made of natural oils and ingredients that won’t irritate your skin when you layer it with other substances. Consider it the final step to becoming hot girl summer ready.
So, what have we learned? Exfoliating + dry brushing, getting regular waxes and keeping your skin hydrated + moisturized will keep your skin glowing and soft all summer. We have two more months left before it is officially summer. TWO MORE MONTHS before our skin will be out and soaking in well-deserved sun. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and good skin should be a habit!
Which of these hacks did you already use? Which of these will you be using this Spring/Summer?
Don’t forget to treat yourself.
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